Teaching Dyslexic Children at Home? Here Are Some Tips…

Written by: Amber Creamer Under the current circumstances of our nation, many decisions are being made for us and our children, and while it’s for our well-being, it’s possible these decisions have put many parents in situations we never would have imagined being in… including being our child’s “teacher.” Although students are still getting the Read more about Teaching Dyslexic Children at Home? Here Are Some Tips…[…]

Learning, Not Limited to the Classroom

By: Kimberly Stevens The coronavirus pandemic has seriously impacted so many businesses in our community. Restaurants are closed, children cannot play on playground equipment and people are being laid off from work. Families are being forced to stay home and stay safe. Whether we like it or not, things won’t be changing for at least Read more about Learning, Not Limited to the Classroom[…]

Our Greatest Assets: Perri Ducklow

Name: Perri Ducklow Please meet Perri! She has been tutoring at DRC since January 2014 and she loves every minute of it. Perri graduated from UW-Oshkosh with a Bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education. Although she never formally taught in a classroom she thrives on providing one-on-one instruction as a tutor. Outside of DRC, Perri works Read more about Our Greatest Assets: Perri Ducklow[…]

Our Greatest Assets: Carmen Schipper

Tutor: Carmen Schipper Please meet Carmen Schipper. Carmen has been tutoring with Dyslexia Reading Connection since September 2017. Dyslexia is something very close to Carmen. When in college, Carmen tutored two of her friends who struggled with dyslexia. Personally, Carmen’s eldest son struggles with dysgraphia and she has been working with him for years to Read more about Our Greatest Assets: Carmen Schipper[…]