Dyslexia Minute: 9 Things Parents Should Do

Hi there, it’s Kimberly Stevens here from Dyslexia Reading Connection, and this week we are going to focus on 9 Things Parents Should Do and this video was inspired by Susan Barton

1 – What can you do to learn as much as you possibly can about dyslexia? Become a case manager for your child, and learn, learn, learn. 

2 – Explain what dyslexia is to your kiddo, and how they can learn best. 

3 – Find tutoring services for your child. Through all of your research, you are going to come across a term called Orton Gillingham. This is the only type of program available that is research based and scientifically proven to help support a child with dyslexia. 

4 – What are some homework accommodations you can start? 

5 – What classroom accommodations can be implemented at school?

6 – Research technology tools. There are a lot of technology tools available for a child with dyslexia. Do some research on what those are and how they can support your child best. 

7 – Find and grow your child’s gifted areas. They have many strengths, as well as talents, skills, abilities, hobbies, and interests; find their gifts and highlight those as much as possible. 

8 – Network with other parents with children with dyslexia and get to know one another. They’ve probably gone through some of the same struggles you have. 

9 – How can you take this information and help others? 

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