Dyslexia Minute: Common Warning Signs for Dyslexia in Children 3-5 Years Old

Hi There! It’s Kimberly Stevens here with Dyslexia Reading Connection and I am bringing you our second video for dyslexia awareness month and this week we are focusing on some of the most common warning signs for a preschool-aged kiddo, we are talking about children between 3 and 5 years old. There might be a bunch of warning signs, but I’m going to only focus on the top three today. The first one is left and right confusion. Do your kiddos struggle to know the difference between their left and right hand, or are they late to establish their dominant hand maybe after 4 years old? The next common warning sign is establishing a sequence of steps and being able to follow the sequence of steps. For example, is your student struggling to learn how to tie their shoes? The last and most important warning sign is learning the alphabet. I am not talking about singing the alphabet song, what I’m talking about is the ability to identify a letter when it’s written and then also making the correct sound for each one of those letters. Distinguishing the difference in the sounds between letters can sometimes be a challenge for individuals with dyslexia. If any of these common warning signs made you think of someone you know, feel free to reach out, give us a call or shoot us an email, check out our Facebook page, or even our website. Thanks so much for reading our second Dyslexia Minute.