Dyslexia Minute: Common Warning Signs for Dyslexia in Students Grades 3 – 6

Hi, my name is Liz Bessett. I’m a tutor here at Dyslexia Reading Connection and also the parent of a dyslexic child. Thank you for joining us for our fourth video for dyslexia awareness month. 

Our focus this week is on the most common warning signs for elementary-age children between the ages of 8 to 12. Does your child/student struggle with:

  • tying their shoes
  • knowing left from their right
  • B/D confusion
  • reading
  • spelling
  • finding the right word when speaking
  • memorizing math facts

Reading for a child in this age range will be slow and laborious while reading out loud and the child will frequently drop prefixes and suffixes. They will be a terrible speller and will ask you how to spell many words. In math, they will have difficulty trying to memorize multiplication facts. 

We hope these short videos help raise awareness for dyslexia and answer some of your questions. If you would like more information please check out our website or social media accounts, give us a call or send us an email. Thanks for watching our fourth dyslexia minute and stay tuned for next week’s video which we’ll focus on middle and high school students.