Learning, Not Limited to the Classroom

By: Kimberly Stevens

The coronavirus pandemic has seriously impacted so many businesses in our community. Restaurants are closed, children cannot play on playground equipment and people are being laid off from work. Families are being forced to stay home and stay safe. Whether we like it or not, things won’t be changing for at least a month so how do we embrace this difficult time we are all going through?

I recommend getting to know one another. Now, due to social distancing we cannot run up to our neighbors and offer them a cup of coffee, but what about the people we live with? I have had some of the most heartfelt conversations with my two daughters within the last week than I had in the last year. We talked about friends, school, struggles, happiness, etc. and we were able to achieve this because we don’t have all the busyness right now. So, eat dinner together or even on the floor picnic style, play games with your children everyday, go for a walk, or make something creative in the kitchen (Need inspiration? Check out Pinterest). We have the opportunity right now for some quality time we wouldn’t normally have so lets make moments and treasure them with the ones we love. 

We cannot sit with our children in the classroom every day under normal circumstances, but now we have the opportunity to sit with them in their online classroom. While online education has been available for college students for decades, this is a new adventure for children in elementary school. Our middle school and high school students likely know more about computers and the internet than the average adult, but this may not hold true for the younger student. Elementary school-age children still need guidance and monitoring when it comes to online learning. I encourage you to sit with your child when they are doing homework and tutoring lessons online. You will get to see firsthand what they experience every day; their challenges and their successes. Our children can teach us so much about who they are, how they learn, what they know, what their interests are, and the skills they’ve developed. Let’s watch them in action, we may be surprised by who has the teachable moment.