Let Them Listen!

(Photo by: RII SCHROER)

Have you or your child ever been told that listening to audiobooks isn’t the same thing as reading? That it isn’t as beneficial and won’t produce the same result? For anyone who has a loved one who benefits from audiobooks, you know that they open up a whole new world of literature to those who would otherwise struggle to read it. Take a look at this article put out by a British newspaper, The Telegraph. Experts from the University of California, Berkley, discovered that whether a person listens to audiobooks, podcasts, etc or reads a physical book, the same parts of the brain are activated. The participants’ brains were actually scanned listening to and reading a story showing that either intake of information will yield a similar result.

Audiobooks, sometimes referred to as ear reading, prove to be a valuable resource for many of our students here at Dyslexia Reading Connection. Audiobooks make it possible for them to still absorb content, whether it be academic in nature or reading for pleasure, but not bring with it the habits of guessing or misreading. For example, take Johnny. He’s a fourth grade student but is only reading at a second grade level. If he is only able to read second grade content, how is he ever going to keep up with his class yet alone continue to acquire a fourth grade vocabulary? Allowing students to ear read at their intellect level instead of reading level will be incredibly beneficial while providing the opportunity to grow their love of literature instead of their disdain for it.

So until students have gained the skills through tutoring to accurately divide a multi-syllable word and then be able to identify each syllable type to read the word, then let their ears do the reading and their brains do the learning!

 (Source: The Telegraph, article written by Sarah Knapton, science editor 19 AUGUST 2019 6:00PM)