Meet the Staff at DRC

Everyone meet Morgan! She is the Administrative Assistant here at DRC. Morgan has been at DRC for 1.5 years. Prior to joining the team at DRC, she was an activity coordinator at a nursing home. Morgan has an administrative professional degree from FVTC and is currently back in school for marketing in hopes of helping DRC’s social media channels! She is married with four dogs, Nash, Elle, Skeeter, and Scooter, and a bearded dragon named Hank. Morgan enjoys kayaking, camping, horseback riding, photography, painting, and spending time with family and

What keeps you at DRC?

“School wasn’t the easiest for me. I struggled with reading and spelling and hated English
classes. Throughout my years in elementary, middle, and high school, an IEP followed me
around. I always had extra help in the classroom. I was a slow learner and never got to read at
grade level. Although I graduated from high school and got an associate degree in
Administration Professional, it wasn’t easy for me. I know what these kiddos are going through. I
have been there and struggled through school, but it shouldn’t have to be that way! Working
here is so rewarding! I love greeting the students at the door and hearing their success stories!”