Our Greatest Assets: Carmen Schipper

Tutor: Carmen Schipper

Please meet Carmen Schipper. Carmen has been tutoring with Dyslexia Reading Connection since September 2017. Dyslexia is something very close to Carmen. When in college, Carmen tutored two of her friends who struggled with dyslexia. Personally, Carmen’s eldest son struggles with dysgraphia and she has been working with him for years to overcome this struggle.

Why do you tutor?

I am passionate about helping people discover a love of reading and writing, as it affords them unlimited avenues for creative expression and life-long learning. Tutoring is extremely fulfilling, and I am inspired every session with the hard work and creativity of my students. It is incredibly rewarding to be a part of helping someone gain confidence and skill in reading and writing.

What keeps you tutoring at Dyslexia Reading Connection?

DRC provides me with an invaluable support system of experienced educators, program developers, well-managed office space, and access to updated Barton materials. DRC makes it possible for me to provide the best possible setting and instruction for my students.

Most rewarding experience at DRC

It’s hard for me to pick one moment out of so many, but I am always excited when my students first realize that they can do this! Every lesson passed, every sentence read or spelling rule mastered is a huge victory, and I am so thrilled to be a part of their process!

Carmen, personally

I live in north Appleton with my husband of 20 years, our two teenage sons, and our dog. My mother also lives with us in a “Granny Wing” built onto our home. In addition to my work at DRC, I am the medical billing contractor for my mother’s clinical psychology practice here in Appleton, the grant writer for the Appleton United Lacrosse Club, and co-founder of Appleton’s Asperger’s Support Group. I also spend my time continuing my education through UW-Oshkosh.

Carmen’s inspiration and favorite quote

Carmen is inspired by her family.

“Some people take the super-highway to reach their goals, other people take a broken bicycle in a ditch. Just remember that your road doesn’t define you…all you have to do is to keep moving forward!”

– Carmen’s mother

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