Our Greatest Assets: Danielle Morris

In the last three blogs we’ve focused on introducing you to Kimberly Stevens, the new Executive Director. The blogs have focused on Kimberly’s story and the focus of her role. Now that you know her, it is time to introduce you to our tutors and the wonderful work they do everyday working with dyslexic individuals.

Tutor: Danielle Morris
Please meet Danielle Morris. Danielle has been tutoring with Dyslexia Reading Connection for 8 years.

She loves tutoring because it makes her feel happy to “make an impact on our future leaders.” Why do you tutor?

I love my students! I enjoy helping people, boosting their self-esteem, and seeing them succeed. I am able to give hope where it may have been lost.

What keeps you tutoring at Dyslexia Reading Connection?
I love hearing the success stories of our students and graduates. I’m so excited when grades or standardized test scores increase at school. One of my favorite compliments is when my students graduate from high school and go on to college, when years prior they were struggling and far below grade level. It is so humbling to know that I was a part of their journey.

Danielle, Personally
Danielle enjoys reading, playing tennis and volleyball, swimming, skiing, tubing, wakeboarding, and boating. Danielle is married to Dural with two children, Noah (3) and Moriah (1).

Danielle’s inspiration is her parents and her favorite quote is:
“Remember who you are and whose you are.” Thea Bowman