Our Greatest Assets: Leanne Weatherhogg

Tutors: Our Greatest Assets

Featured Tutor: Leanne Weatherhogg

Please meet Leanne Weatherhogg. Leanne has been tutoring with Dyslexia Reading Connection for 1.5 years. Prior to working at DRC, Leanne was a childcare teacher and she currently works as a special education aide at Wrightstown Middle School.

Why do you tutor?

She enjoys tutoring because she sees her “students overcome obstacles and get excited about reading and spelling.” It makes Leanne “feel great” because she is helping children read and spell.

What keeps you tutoring at Dyslexia Reading Connection?

The students! Leanne loves seeing the improvement in her students when they overcome a difficult task. She appreciates the resources she has available to her. DRC employs nearly 20 tutors and Leanne can bounce ideas off other tutors and seek advice to assist her students.

What is your most rewarding experience at DRC?

“I had a parent of one of my students bring in the stories the child wrote during the school year. She was very proud of how much her son had improved and thanked me for all I do.”

Leanne, personally

Leanne is engaged and planning her wedding. in her spare time she enjoys water skiing, wake boarding, and fishing.

Leanne’s favorite quote is:

“Be the change you wish to see in the world.” Mahatma Gandhi

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