Our Greatest Assets: Perri Ducklow

Name: Perri Ducklow

Please meet Perri! She has been tutoring at DRC since January 2014 and she loves every minute of it. Perri graduated

Perri Ducklow

from UW-Oshkosh with a Bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education. Although she never formally taught in a classroom she thrives on providing one-on-one instruction as a tutor. Outside of DRC, Perri works full-time at Humana Insurance.

What keeps you at DRC?

I feel like I am giving back, I just love to see it when my students “get it.” Tutoring makes me warm and fuzzy. I do admit to liking instant gratification and to watch my students blossom is the best.

Most rewarding experience as a tutor

I will have my first student graduate soon and I am really excited about it. I remember working with this student on his very first day and to see how he has grown and blossomed in his reading is remarkable. Recently, at the end of a tutoring session one of my students was about to leave, but he stopped, turned to me and without a word gave me a hug! All together, aaawwww.

Perri, personally

I am the sister of Pete Ducklow (former DRC executive director). I have two boys (both married), and one granddaughter. I also have two cats who are exceedingly helpful in all I do. I have a boyfriend, Doug, who is a lawyer who works with Nancy’s son. Doug and I met at Nancy’s son’s wedding AND he Doug is now on the DRC Board of Directors.

What inspires you?

The look on a student’s face when they get it right.

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