Overcoming Dyslexia Book Review

Hello my name is Karri Brass and I am a tutor and an assessment Specialist at Dyslexia Reading Connection in Appleton Wisconsin. I was recently able to read the book “Overcoming Dyslexia” the second edition by Dr. Sally Shaywitz. It was a gift from a parent of a student of mine. I eagerly read it and I was asked to give a quick book review on  “Overcoming Dyslexia”. This Major updated Edition has almost 600 pages Dr. Shaywitz book is not only limited to the definition and explanation of Dyslexia; it also covers a brief history how the brain decodes words science combinations College admissions technology tools and current laws both state and federal with all the advancements of medical technology she was able to explain and demonstrate the exact neurological pathways reading and spelling words she did a masterful job of running about such a complicated information yet making it completely understandable and with heartfelt sympathy for me the overall goal of this book was to empower the parents there is a significant and critical resource for any parent of a dyslexic child there’s too much useful information on this book simply check it out of the library I would recommend owning a copy I underline and highlight and all sorts of information throughout the book I’ve always wondered why and how it was so difficult to get information down into the classroom I learn to Major chasms of implementation number one most colleges and universities that offer Bachelor of education degrees do not teach about dyslexia there for most teachers do not have the tools they need to teach their dyslexic students another really important information for parents is just because your state has dyslexia laws on the books does not mean they’re being implemented will you must stay on top of your child’s progress know your child’s strengths and remember and successful child is always one who has their parents are their greatest supporters.