Meet the Staff at DRC!

Everyone meet Lisa! She is a Math Tutor. Lisa has been at DRC since June of 2021. Before joining the DRC team, she was a microbiologist for food and cosmetics and a research scientist for cosmetics and medical devices. She has been married for 22 years and has a son in college and a daughter in high school. Lisa enjoys reading, crafting, bible studies with friends, and spending time at Panera or Starbucks with friends.

Why do you tutor? 

“To pour into children to help them fill in their potholes in order for them to become the best version of themselves.” 

What keeps you at DRC?

“Close to home, I like the program and the flexibility. The knowledge that our services are needed and appreciated.” 

How does tutoring make you feel? 

“Satisfied and fulfilled, it gives me a purpose and joy to give to other children.”

Can you highlight an experience at DRC that brought you a reward (i.e., graduate, an ‘ah-ha’ moment, a compliment from a student or parent)?

“An 8-year-old inviting me to her birthday party; a 9-year-old who gives me hugs, and when a mom tells me how much they appreciate me. And, of course, seeing the cranes and a deer outside my window!”