August 21, 2017


“The Dyslexia Reading Connection program was the best investment we made in our son’s education! When my son was first diagnosed with dyslexia we tried another company in town with zero results. My son left those sessions frustrated with himself. I am so happy we found The DRC! They didn’t just give my son the skills to succeed in school, they gave him back his self esteem! My son was diagnosed with dyslexia in 6th grade and was far behind in reading. Pete Ducklow taught him the skills he needed to catch up and stay in track. My son was able to complete advanced placement classes in high school, graduated with honors and was accepted to all the colleges he applied. We owe it all to Pete and the DRC. We can’t thank them enough!”


“My son is in 4th grade. We found out he was dyslexic last year. He has been going to tutoring twice a week for the past year. He has improved in his reading and writing. He loves his tutor! They play games and make learning fun. We are so truly blessed that we found an answer to his struggles. His self esteem has improved so much! Thank you DRC!”


“Jeriann did a great job working with my son. The entire staff was always helpful if we had questions. We appreciate everything Dyslexia Reading Connection did in helping my son become a better reader.”


“Daniel was struggling in the “basic” dyslexic ways. He was not reading at all by 3rd grade. DRC was amazing!!  Daniel hardly struggles at all in reading anymore. He has a 3.3 GPA, and his reading category on the ACT was 25. He LOVES Science and Math, specifically Physics.   He will be either attending Wheaton College or UW-Fox Valley in the fall. I highly encourage parents to look into the program!”


“Dyslexia Reading Connection has given our daughter the instruction and tools she needs to succeed in math. It has built her confidence in math to the point of sharing what she has learned with her classmates! Thank you DRC!”


“Mrs Wittman (DRC’s math specialist) sought to know my kids. She watched them think. After SEEING how they THOUGHT she gave them time, time to process and recollect what they needed to. She found ways to engage whole body. Movement/sight/touch. She found ways for them to experience math. Something that is critical for my kids brain to fully understand math. Then she introduced, in unique ways, the procedure of math. Somehow Mrs Witmann knew how to do this. Boggles my mind. I’m not wired that way. I wish I were. The combination of all this and genuine care for the students kept my kids from criticism, and untrue feeling/thoughts of who they were as learners.
Great partners in education!”


“As a homeschooling mom with children who struggle with math, we are just so thankful for the math program at Dyslexia Reading Connection! Our experience has been wonderful. Their tutor sought to really know how my kids learn math. She watched them think. She found ways for them to experience math, something that is critical for my kids brain to fully understand math. Then she introduced, in unique ways, the procedure of math. After seeing how my kids thought through math, the tutor gave them time. Time to process, work through and recollect what they needed to. She found ways to engage the whole body if needed at times. It was very hands on which really solidified concepts for them. Somehow she knew just how to do this so math ‘clicked” for them. This is an area where I just came up short in knowing how to help my struggling child. The combination of unique tools, presentation of math concepts and genuine care for the students kept my kids from critical thoughts or untrue feelings of who they were as learners. As a parent this is priceless. Seeing the progress my kids made, not only in math understanding, but how they see themselves, is a joy. The DRC is a great partner in math education for a struggling student.”


“Our daughter went through the DRC program. Through all of the highs and the lows, it was one of the best gifts we could have ever given her. She’s now finishing her sophomore year of high school and has never dropped below “high honors” since high school began. We couldn’t be more proud of her and her accomplishments. Thank you, Mr. Ducklow and the DRC program, for your dedication and commitment to helping students navigate through dyslexia and for helping them to reach their true potential!”


“It’s a great program that teaches people who really struggle with reading and math how to overcome the challenges presented by dyslexia.”


“Just a note that the LD teacher at Mason’s School let me know that as of the 1st – Mason has moved into the reading level of where he would be starting 3rd grade (his current grade). At the end of last school year he was testing at the start of 2nd grade so was a whole grade behind in reading when starting this past Fall. He has made up a whole grade level in the 5- 6 months he has been coming there twice per week. His attitude towards school has just been so improved – he is like a different kid. Many thanks – Happy New Year!”

“We found out about Dyslexia Reading Connection in the Spring of 2012. At that time, my son was just finishing the fifth grade. He was struggling in school because he was never able to read at his grade level.  Many extra hours were spent on homework due to these reading issues.  Different reading tutors and summer reading programs were tried throughout his elementary school years, but little improvement was seen. He was evaluated and started tutoring with DRC in June of 2012 at age 12 and completed the program in September of 2015. His reading and his self-confidence improved immediately. It was exciting to see the changes once he began tutoring with Dyslexia Reading Connection and accommodations were made in the classroom.  We are very thankful we found Dyslexia Reading Connection so our son could get the help he needed.”