Tutors are Teachers!

By: Kimberly Stevens

Last week was Teacher Appreciation Week and I want to make sure the Tutors of Dyslexia Reading Connection don’t go unnoticed. The work they do is valuable, enriching, and life changing for the students they work with. For a student with dyslexia or dyscalculia learning can be arduous because of how they process information. This neurological language processing disorder makes working with letters and numbers (math is a language too) difficult to master.

Not everyone knows this and nor do they understand how to work with the students we serve, but our tutors do. They go through extensive training to learn how to use a Structured Literacy program, like the Barton Reading & Spelling System, that will benefit the child so they can read among their peers. They learn about dyslexia, the related conditions that can accompany dyslexia, and how to work individually with each student they support. Our tutors give each student their undivided attention, they show understanding and compassion, they demonstrate flexibility and patience, and they do all of this so their student can reach their full potential. The students we serve are bright, creative, athletic, inquisitive, and enthusiastic. Our tutors are building their skills and confidence one day at a time. Please join me and our Board of Directors in celebrating the hardwork and dedication of our tutors.

From our Board Chair, Doug Marone:

Since joining the board I have been amazed at the dedication and effort our teachers put forth in training for and in teaching our students. Without their efforts we could not exist. The past few months has left me in awe of their efforts to adapt to and adopt online teaching during the Covid-19 Safer at Home restrictions. Because of the teachers’ and trainers’ willingness to adapt we were able to continue on without missing a beat. I think our organization has been a model for remote learning and it is all due to our teachers’ dedication.

From Board member, Jim Spierings:

We truly appreciate your dedication to your students, especially during the difficulties and challenges the coronavirus has brought to all of us. Your students are the future leaders for our community and along with their teachers you are providing a true path for their success.

From Board Chair Emeritus, Rich Covyeau:

The dedication of DRC staff during these trying times is nothing short of inspiring.  Keep up the great work.

Meet some of our tutors as they are working hard from home.

To ALL DRC Staff and Tutors – THANK YOU for everything you bring to your students each and every day. You are a true inspiration, the impact you have is everlasting, and from the bottom of my heart – THANK YOU!