Why We Use The Barton Reading and Spelling System

Here at DRC we use The Barton Reading and Spelling system. One of the beauties is how it is tailored to play to the strengths of those with dyslexia. Despite language being their area of weakness. The Barton program filled in sequential order allowing students to approach language with logic and then interned confident. They will never be expected to read or spell a word that they haven’t been given the tools to do so successfully. Then each procedure within a lesson is designed to train the student how to systematically think through the small importance steps of reading and spelling a word, so they can do it with confidence. 

Barton takes the guessing game out of reading and spelling by teaching students the why in the form of rules. Why is cat spelled with a c and kitten is spelled with a k. A barton reader knows why. By learning these rules, students can apply them to many words, instead of memorizing the word themself. Plus, the rule names and pictures associated with them are pretty memorable and appeal to our students visual strengths. And to top it off the program has a multi-sensory approach which will only enhance and strengthen all that our students are  learning. 

As a non-profit organization that serves a niche in our community the students we serve need your support because reading truly is a lifelong skill. So would you consider joining Dyslexia Reading Connection by supporting the specialized reading services that we provide the dyslexic community. You can hit the Donate button below or go to our website www.dyslexiareadingconnection.com  and find the donate button there. Thank you!