Which Tutoring is Best for You?

Onsite Tutoring

This in-person option is perfect for young students and students with ADD.

  • All onsite tutoring is individualized and takes place at our location on Ballard Road in Appleton, WI.
  • Tutoring is conducted at the pace of the student.
  • Multisensory techniques are used to engage all learners regardless of learning style (visual, auditory, or kinesthetic).
  • These techniques assist with retention of information and strategies.
  • The student and tutor form a strong bond since they are working face to face twice per week.

Online Tutoring

This option provides convenience and flexibility for clients who may not be able to attend in person.

  • The student receives tutoring from the comfort of their home/school.
  • Through Zoom (an online web conferencing tool), student and tutor can see each other, talk, screen share, and complete activities just as they would in an onsite tutoring session.
  • All activities, worksheets, rules, etc., that are available in onsite tutoring are available online through Whizzimo.
  • A variety of tools are used for math tutoring, including Adobe, Microsoft, and Borenson Math.

We want the absolute best experience for you and your child. That’s why we discourage online tutoring for some students. Click on the student agreement link to see if you qualify.


Children below the age of 10 may struggle in this environment


Children with ADD/ADHD may struggle in this environment.

Blended Tutoring

Blended tutoring offers the convenience of online tutoring one day per week with structured onsite tutoring one day per week.

  • Allows for more flexibility in scheduling for a busy family
  • Allows for a consistent face-to-face onsite tutoring session once per week

My son is in 4th grade. We found out he was dyslexic last year. He has been going to tutoring twice a week for the past year. He has improved in his reading and writing. He loves his tutor! They play games and make learning fun. We are so truly blessed that we found an answer to his struggles. His self esteem has improved so much! Thank you DRC!

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