January 23, 2018


Dyslexia Reading Connection uses the Barton Reading & Spelling System to assist students with their reading difficulties. This Structured Literacy program is Orton-Gillingham influenced. The Barton system teaches syllable types and the reading and spelling rules associated with them. It is an intense, multi-sensory, direct, explicit, structured, and sequential intervention program that is research and evidence based. The Barton system takes a student to a high school reading level.

Level 1: Phonemic Awareness

Level 2: Consonants & Short Vowels

Level 3: Closed & Unit Syllables

Level 4: Multi-Syllable Words & Vowel Teams

Level 5: Prefixes & Suffixes

Level 6: Six Reasons for Silent E

Level 7: Vowel-R’s

Level 8: Advanced Vowel Teams (ability to read successfully at 6th grade level)

Level 9: Influence of Foreign Languages

Level 10: Latin Roots & Greek Combining Forms  (ability to read successfully at high school level)