Dyslexia Minute: bdpq Confusion

Hi there, guys. It’s Kimberly Stevens here from Dyslexia Reading Connection, Inc. and I wanted to provide you with a Dyslexia Minute video. It focuses solely on one of the topics we previously discussed; b/d confusion. Individuals with dyslexia have left/right confusion. If you’re thinking about some of the letters of the alphabet, like b and d, they both have sticks and they both have circles, but other letters p and q also have sticks and circles. But, what side of the stick does that circle go on? This causes confusion for individuals with dyslexia

However, dyslexic individuals are very smart. They are bright individuals, they have average to above average IQs. They are very creative and resourceful. So, if they are writing words with b, d, p, or q in them, they’re going to capitalize those letters. The capitalization might even be in the middle of a word where it doesn’t belong, but if they capitalize these letters, they will always write the right one. 

I hope you found this information helpful, and it provided answers to some of your questions. If so, please share this video with someone else who may benefit from it, including your child’s school teacher. 

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