Meet the Staff at DRC!

Everyone meet Amber! She is the Barton Compliance Manager and a Reading and Spelling Tutor. Amber has been at DRC for 10 years. Prior to joining the team at DRC, she was an elementary teacher. Amber taught both 5th grade and 4th. She is married, with 2 daughters, Hadley in 2nd grade and Mara in kindergarten. Amber enjoys reading, cleaning, hiking, and spending time with family and friends.


Why do you tutor? 

“Because what we have to offer is life-changing for those who need it. To be a part of that realization and change is incredible.”

What keeps you at DRC?

“I’m passionate about ensuring that we are delivering high-quality tutoring for the sake of the students and families that trust us to step in and make a lasting difference.”

How does tutoring make you feel? 

“Hopeful. Connecting with students in their difficulties is powerful. I want them to know they are smart and capable despite the struggle. Intelligence is not measured by how well you can read and spell.”

Can you highlight an experience at DRC that brought you reward (i.e., graduate, an ‘ah-ha’ moment, a compliment from a student or parent)?

“All of the smiles over the years – from parents seeing A’s on the report cards to smiles from students when they’ve successfully decoded a hard word or when they completed a level. All the little celebrations along the way are what bring me the most joy.”