Meet the Staff at DRC!

Everyone meet Nancy! She is the Founder of DRC and a Reading and Spelling Tutor. Nancy has been tutoring since 2004, when Dyslexia Reading Connection was established as a non-profit educational organization. Nancy has a JD degree from DePaul College of Law. Prior to DRC, Nancy was a part of a group of people who established Appleton Christian School (ACS) in the mid-1980s. The goal was to provide an excellent education in a Christian environment. While working as a volunteer at ACS, Nancy encountered the Barton Reading and Spelling System. She was captivated, as were some of the other teachers who are also tutors at DRC, by how brilliantly the Barton Program works. 

Nancy met her husband, Jonathan, while working at a law firm in Chicago. They have 6 kids and 6 grandchildren. They’ve had almost every pet possible over the 43 years of marriage. She loves spending time with her husband, kids, and grandchildren.

Why do you tutor?

“I tutor because the Barton Reading and Spelling System work so well. Knowing how to read and spell is critical to success in school and in life. No methods are as effective and easy to use as Barton.”

What keeps you at DRC?  How does tutoring make you feel?

“The success that student after student has with the Barton Program is what keeps me at DRC. No other method is as effective, thorough, and easy to use as Barton. Tutoring makes me feel happy and satisfied because it works. So many programs fall so far short of what students need. Every student needs to reach a high school level of reading and spelling in order to complete his or her work. Barton is sequentially progressive and ultimately teaches the student every rule of spelling and hence of reading that is needed for success from K through 12.”

Can you highlight an experience at DRC that brought you reward (i.e., graduate, an ‘ah-ha’ moment, a compliment from a student or parent)?

“Every time a student graduates from the Barton Reading and Spelling System it is a highlight for me. Knowing that the student is equipped for all future education makes me very happy.”