Online Tutoring Success: What You Need to Know

By: Morgan Kimball

Online learning has been a presence in our lives for decades now. According to Northeastern University they suggest 8 Strategies for Success with online classes. While online tutoring is slightly different than taking an online college course, some of their strategies still apply to tutoring. At Dyslexia Reading Connection, Inc. online tutoring continues to be a popular option for the majority of the families we serve. Anyone can be successful with online tutoring. But here are a few things parents need to know before beginning online tutoring: 

  • Students need to have access to a computer** (preferably less than 5 years old).**Mobile devices, tablets, and Chromebooks are not acceptable.
  • Create a quiet, uninterrupted workplace for tutoring. Keep this workspace neat and organized so it is easy to find your materials. 
  • Students must have access to a computer with a webcam and microphone. Headphones with a microphone are recommended for the best sound quality.
  • Students should have a parent or guardian present when beginning the session to ensure proper connection to Zoom. The only exception to this is if a student is over 15 and capable of troubleshooting items on his/her own.
  • The student is prepared with any necessary printed materials.
  • Treat online tutoring like onsite tutoring and actively participate with the tutor.
  • Avoid distractions. Only have Zoom open on your computer. No YouTube, video games, or pets in the room; it is easy to lose focus. 
  • Ask for help. Parents, please keep pets and siblings out of the ‘tutoring’ room. While a tutoring session is only 40 or 60 minutes, when the student is fully engaged, a lot can be accomplished in this short amount of time.

Online learning can be tough sometimes, but when a student has all the necessary items and the right mindset, online tutoring can be just as successful as onsite tutoring for both the student and the tutor!