What was Your Favorite Subject in School?

What was your favorite subject in school? When anyone asks you that question, would you say a class like history, or science, or maybe even math class? Well, to be completely honest with you, the average student we serve here at Dyslexia Reading Connection their favorite subject in school is lunch and recess.

Why does a child say that? Because, if they have struggled with reading due to dyslexia, then the only time they have throughout the school day when they are not exposed to reading, writing, or spelling is during lunch and recess. So, put yourself in their shoes for just a minute. If they are exposed to words all day long, and the only time they feel freedom is for about 45 minutes during the school day, what can we do to help provide resources to those students? What can we do to improve their educational experience?

Here at Dyslexia Reading Connection, that IS who we are. That IS what we do. We understand the learning challenges for a child with dyslexia, and our goal is to get them to grade-level reading, our goal is to get them to grade-level math competency skills, and give them the confidence they need to overcome their struggles, to not dislike the vast majority of their classes all day long, and to enjoy something a little bit more than just lunch and recess.